Monday, August 25, 2008

When You Find Out Your Husband is Gay

Nearly every day straight women visit my blog after putting in a search like, "my husband is gay" or something similar. In November of 2006 Susanne shared some of her story and since then other women (and men) have also read about Susanne's marriage and her gay husband. These have also shared some of their own stories.

Earlier a woman left the following comment.
Betrayal by my husband of 28 years is devastating. He hid his gay life for years... He lied over and over and over. And put my health/life at risk. I am hurt to the core and don't know how to get through this and ever trust and love again... How do you get over the feelings of hurt, rage, anger, sorrow, inadequacy, disgust, sadness, etc.?
Please feel free to go to the blog entry and add your own supportive comments, words of comfort and maybe share some of your own experience as a straight spouse or just someone who cares. Often when these women first find out, they struggle to share with anyone in their lives.

From getting to know some of these women face to face and through phone calls and e-mails, it is amazing how they have found the support they need and have found the strength in themselves and around them to work through the pain and the challenges. It is not easy for any of them and they have admitted that some days are harder than others, but speaking out was one of many things that has been helping them to know they are not alone and that there is a future and a hope worth pursuing.

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At 1:23 AM , Blogger brittanicals said...

Thank you for being who you are, and encouraging others. You have been more of a source of hope to me than you will ever know, and I am glad you are there for others a well.

I emailed you my contact info, if you have time look me up when you are in my town.

At 4:04 AM , Blogger mister tumnus said...

i will second the 'thank you for being who you are'. lots of love to you. xxshirleyxx


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